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the Genetic Freak

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally able to blog.its been like 22 days since i blog.its because i had my attachment in ttsh. Posted to operating theatre and A and E. 

After going for my posting in OT,eventough it can be quite interesting especially when u can see the oragns inside the human body,it can be quite boring after some time.i also realise that its not what i like.yea i got scrub in for a minor operation and helped the surgeron but i did not like it at all. maybe its because its too specialize (concerntrating only on surgery and nothing else),the strict aseptic technique,the many equipments that u have to remember.

However for A and E,its quite fun.And the environent is quite fast pace.Can see different types of conditon and u need to do intervention quickly according to the different type of diagnosis.thus u wont get bored easily and keep u on the go.so yea manage to do a lot of procedures such as dressings (a lot),ECG,medications,injections, eye irrigation etc.

Anw this three weeks will be my holiday and i gonna enjoy it as much as possible before the dreaded prcp starts.haha.hang out with friends,play soccer,workout in the gym.just in case i forget evrything,i will study in the last week of the holiday to recap everything again about nursing skills.yea.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To All Muslims:Selamat Hari Raya!!!

I know people say its only Hari Raya eve,but in muslim calender Hari Rya starts when we break our fast on the last day,cause it considered a next day.so yea.Just cleaning my room and change my bed cover and guess what it is green in colour!This raya gonna be green for my family.haha.green car,green bajukurung,green envelope.haha.

So end of fasting month,i though i lost a lot of weightbut in the end i lost ard 0.5 kg only.haha.so sad.and i think i will be gaining back 0.5kg tomorrow when i visit my grandmothers and there will be a lot of delicious food to eat like lontong,ketupat,sambal goreng,ayam masak merah,fried rice and last but not least all the kueh like pineapple tart etc.so yummy.hmm i wonder if will get duit raya?i alreadya sponsorhip bond and i considered an adult already.haiz.maybe i will get money from my close relative but not from my distant relatives.means gonna less hari raya money this year.hmm,speaking hari raya money,i notice a downward trend for my hari raya monet since year1 when start school in NYP.haha.in no time it will hit negative which means i have to start giving out hari raya money.lol.ok gtg blog next time

x < Ridzwan > was blasting his music on 9/30/2008 09:38:00 PM x

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Usually i will be sighing now cause usually will be the start of another week of attachment.but nope tomorrow i will be starting my two weeks holiday.yea!but then i will be coop at home to clean the house cause Hari Raya is coming.

Speaking of attachement,my geron posting was ok.Mostly full of stress rather than fun.haiz.Already start taking cases and passing report,eventhough is only 2 cases.maybe is because i had 2 do both AN job and staff nurse job.I was running up and down.After doing AN job like doing turning patient and ng feeding,had to go back doing staff nurse like medication and documentation.i was like running here and there.haiz it was stressful for me and it was made more difficult by my patients who are a bit confused and uncooperative.i finally realise how stress a Staff nurse can be.maybe if i will handle it better if i become more experience.

Anyway my results which came out last week was quite good.got 3B's and the rest all Cplus.so sad no A at all.but then not bad my results cause that time during study period really study like mad  with my friends in school, and maybe because of that I do not have any D's this round.haha.Went to sim lim square to reward myself to upgrade my ipod touch.been wanting to upgrade it for a long time.and really like it man!can play games and can go msn using wifi.so cool!

Then yesterday,went out with family bought new clothes for Hari Raya.my family will be wearing green this time round.we look like vegetables.haha! then my father allows me and my siblings to buy any casual clothes we want and shoes that we like and he will pay for it.thats y i always look forward during the festive season.my father will be in a good spending mood. i bought 2 jeans and a espirit shirt and a shoes.yea.quite nice.alright.gtg.will blog again soon.

x < Ridzwan > was blasting his music on 9/21/2008 05:27:00 PM x

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Finally manage to find some time to blog.yea.been busy with attachments and doing research. Everytime go online need to do find information on some nursing stuff that my lecturer ask me to find. thats why unable to blog. 

Aniway attachment in ward 7b is alright.Manage to do a lot of things like dressings, ECG, removal of cathether. Our lecturer,Veronica Loh is very nice and not very strict. So we are able to enjoy our attachement without feeling that much stress.The staff is ward 7b also quite nice.Anything i dont know,they willing to teach.good good.

Been listening to Boys Like Girls songs when on the way to hospital.dont know y so suddenly so addicted.Maybe because its because i went to their concert last sunday after the nike human race.I really cant believe my eyes when they appear in front of me.Somemore i was standing in the front view.They are one my favourite rockbands.Usually can only see them on music videos or MTV,but when they come on the stage they really know how to rock! The atmosphere was also great.The fans (including me!) were like singing along and was jumping to the music.so cool! Took a lot of pictures and videos when they were rocking as proof that i was at the concert and Boys like Girls was performing live!.haha.

Before that there were other performances by the great spy experiment,ko-flow,zul mystroe,insenquity but it was nothing compared to Boys like Girls..The nike organizer also smart,purposely put Boys like Girls performance at the last part.they know people come to the concert to watch boys like girls so we were like "force" to watch the other performace.Imagine if they put BLG first,confirm after that people will go home and not watch the other performance.haha.and the concert was hosted by MTV host tanya and utt.Aniway it was a great concert overall.

x < Ridzwan > was blasting his music on 9/03/2008 08:28:00 PM x

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day to all those teachers out day.haha.

Went back to back to my secondary school to visit my teachers.yup met my ex maths teachers Madam Shareena and Mr Ow Yong,they recognise me and my friends.But when ask to remember whats our name,they forget.lol.Cant blame them.they teach thousands of students cant expect them to remember all the names.Then saw my form teacher,Mrs Parwinder Kaur,she was wearing the school uniform.so interesting.an adult wearing school uniform.cause there was a performance and she has to act as a student.haha.

yea miss secondary school life.miss the time where we played soccer during recess and came back all sweaty to study and ask tissue from the girls to wipe away.

Miss the time wear uniform and make "adjustments" to it.haha.like fold in inside of tucking in.wear pants so low until can see underwear.wear ankle length socks.then chemistry lesson play with chemicals.dont know which chemical just mix only.haha.then heat it somemore.lucky never explode.did a lot of stupid things in sec life haha.

fast forward now in year 3 coming to end of poly life.next monday attachemt starts.the day after my nike race.somemore it will the start of the fasting month.i think i will lost a lot of weight which is a good thing.Just dont overeat during breaking fast.cause it will only increase my weight.Anyway all the best to all year 3 nursing students in NYP who will be doing their attachents.hopefully we all can graduate together.

x < Ridzwan > was blasting his music on 8/29/2008 10:33:00 PM x

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